Welcome to Todd’s Inheritance Museum and Interpretive site, location of the British landing in the assault of Baltimore in September 1814.

Visit Todd’s Inheritance

Visit Todd’s Inheritance museum and interpretive site and hear about early native American presence, the Todd family settlement and the role of the homestead and residents in the War of 1812.

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The History of Todd’s Inheritance

The Todd family settled on North Point in 1664 and farmed over 1700 acres. Some of this land is still farmed today, over 350 years later. The house was used as a lookout post for the American militia awaiting the arrival of the British in 1814, and is now part of North Point State Park.

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Home School Group tours Todd’s

On Monday, May 6, students from a homeschool group in Pikesville visited the house and learned about the Todd’s and the War of 1812.  They decided to re-enact the battles…

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Flag Day Observance – June 15, 2024

Annual Todd’s observance of Flag Day. Scott Sheads, retired historian from Fort McHenry, will lead visitors in opening a full-size replica of the original Star Spangled Banner and telling its…

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