The Todd Family – Our Pioneers of Patapsco Neck

Among the early permanent settlers in Baltimore County was Thomas Todd I of Gloucester County, Virginia. In 1664, he purchased the first of three contiguous tracts of land on the Patapsco Neck :”Denton”, “North Point”, and “Old Road”. In 1765, Thomas Todd V combined the family farms into a single tract call “Todd’s Inheritance.” During the next 200 years, portions of “Todd’s Inheritance” steadily left Todd ownership until all that remained was the present Todd House parcel of slightly more than 4 acres. The property was sold in 1975, terminating the over 300 year chain of Todd family ownership.

Owners and Date of Ownership:

Thomas Todd I 1664-1676
Thomas Todd II 1676 – after 1700
Thomas Todd III After 1700 – 1715
Thomas Todd IV 1715-1738
Thomas Todd V 1738-1798
Bernard Todd 1800-1816
Mary (Green) Todd Shaw & Richard Shaw 1816-1835
Thomas Jefferson Todd 1836-1843
Mary (Trotten) Todd & Children 1843-1868
Thomas B. Todd, Sr. 1868-1907
Thomas B. Todd, Jr. 1907-1947
Todd’s Inheritance, Inc 1947-1962
F. Ridgely Todd & Hilda (Stratmann) Todd 1962-1975
Elmer H. Cook, Jr. 1975-1996
Elva Cook 1996-1997
State of Maryland, Department of Natural Resources 1999 – present