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The History of Todd’s Inheritance

The Todd House, in southeastern Baltimore County, Maryland, is one of the most significant historic properties remaining on the Patapsco River Neck. Located on a tract known as “Todd’s Inheritance”, the earliest portion of the present house was constructed during the first half of the 19th century, following the burning of an earlier house during the War of 1812. The grounds of the house, as well as surrounding acreage, were owned and farmed by the Todd family from the late 1600s into the1970s. The house is significant not only as a reflection of 19th and 20th century agricultural life, but also as a link to understanding the early history of the area, including its colonial settlement and invasion by the British during the War of 1812.


The Todd Family – Our Pioneers of Patapsco Neck

Among the early permanent settlers in Baltimore County was Thomas Todd I of Gloucester County, Virginia. In 1664, ...
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This Land is our Land

Todd’s Inheritance was owned and farmed by 10 generations of the Todd family from the late 1660s to ...
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Call to Arms

Todd’s Inheritance is today primarily recognized for its unique association with the Battle of North Point during the ...
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Destruction during the War of 1812

Because of the use of the Todd house as a military headquarters and monitoring station during the Battles ...
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Our Patapsco River Neck History

Regional archeological surveys indicate that Native Americans occupied Patapsco Neck for 8,000 years prior to European colonization.
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